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Happy Wendigo Wednesday, ghoulfiends and gentlecreeps!

collage of wendigo horror scenes

The Wendigo also known as (windigo, weendigo, windago, waindigo, windiga, witiko, wihtikow) is a monster born of native american traditions and folklore. Should a person happen to partake in cannabalism then they run the risk of being possessed by an evil spirit that curses them with an insatiable appetite for human flesh. Whilst the descriptions from different tribes do differ invariably the appearance of the afflicted becomes demonic and in time they become a full on furred, furious and frightful beast! 

In some cases the Wendigo like werewolves are for the most part able to keep a human appearance and only change under certain conditions but in most tales of the Wendigo the change from human to beast is a permanent one and once fully transformed they head for forests and caves to live, hunt & store bodies! The more humans on which the Wendigo feasts, the bigger it becomes and so to does its appetite!

Some psychologists recognize a mental disorder known as wendigo-syndrome, where a person craves human flesh even when other food is readily available! The psychosis is considered to be culture bound amongst aboriginal people. In the 20th century reported cases of Wendigo syndrome are virtually non-existent and most experts question whether it actually really existed.

Traditional Native American depiction of a "Wendigo"

Recently a Wendigo featured in an episode of the popular, long running tv show “supernatural” (series:1, episode:2, September 20th, 2005) . While trying to find their father, John Winchester, Sam and Dean help a family whose brother has gone missing on a camping trip. He has been taken by a Wendigo, but they find him alive in a cavern where the Wendigo stores its victims as living food sources. Dean kills the creature by shooting it with a flare gun.

"Wendigo" as featured in an episode of the "Supernatural TV series"

More scenes from the "Supernatural tv series" featuring a "Wendigo"

A particularly great use of the wendigo legend is seen in the short-lived tv series “fear itself”. In a genuinely horrible , disturbing and well scripted episode called “skin and bones” (series:1, episode:8) Rancher Grady Edlund returns home to his family after being lost in the forest for a number of days. He is possessed by a Wendigo, and the episode follows his descent into madness and monsterdom as he invariably ends up trying to eat his whole family!!!

Scenes from the "fear itself" episode called "skin and bones"

A wendigo also makes a fleeting appearance in the monstermendous brilliance that is “cabin in the woods”. The creature is seen briefly on a surveillance monitor attacking members of the security forces.

"Wendigo" on the rampage in "Cabin in the woods".

The wendigo has appeared in many marvel comic’s story-lines, with various humans being affected by the curse and then doing battle with the likes of Hulk, Wolverine and Alpha flight.

So there you have it! A little homage from the creepy critter to the wonderfully worry-some Wendigo! Hope you enjoyed it ghoul-fiends and gentlecreeps and have a fangtastic wendigo wednesday!!!

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